Succession Planning - The Next Generation

John P. Romeo, Production Manager

John has worked in the family business all of his life. He has experienced all aspects of crop production, and in time will share responsibility for overseeing crop production with Lindsay and will one day take over this role.

Joseph Romeo, Operations Manager

Joseph, like John, has worked for the family business all his life. He has experienced the day to day aspects of crop production and is currently developing his experience in the administrative side of the business. Joseph is working alongside Tony to increase his understanding of business management and marketing and will one day succeed Tony as the company’s representative in this area.

John C. Romeo, Field Supervisor

Like his cousins John and Joseph, John has been working for the family business all his life. He has experienced many of the activities related to crop production and is currently working with both John and Lindsay to increase his knowledge and skills in this area. He will one day share overall responsibility for crop production with John P. Romeo.

Nathan Romeo

Nathan is the second youngest of the cousins to be involved in the production activities on the farms. He has been full time since completing his schooling 2 years ago.

Angelo Romeo

Angelo is the youngest of the cousins who has just completed his schooling and joined the company full time. Both Nathan and Angelo are developing their knowledge and skills in all aspects of crop production.

Romeo Best Farm Managers

Frank Romeo, Farm Manager, Robinvale Vineyard

Frank joined the company in the 1980’s as a farm manager, having worked in the grape industry his whole life. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of production on the company’s Tol Tol property.

Chris Karanicolos, Farm Manager, Emerald Vineyard

Chris joined the company 11 Years ago as Field Supervisor, having previously owned his own Table Grape properties in both Sunraysia and Menindee, as well as working in the Horticultural industry as an Industry Trainer and supervisor. Chris’ expertise and dedication made him the perfect candidate for developing the Emerald property.

Douw Van Der Merwe, Farm Manager, St. George Vineyard

Douw joined the Company in April 2012. He has managed Table Grape farms in Australia for the last 9 years and previous to that, 5 Years in South Africa. With his years of experience and expertise, Douw is continuously improving all aspects of production at the St. George Farm.

Ulrich Coetzer, Farm Manager, Mareeba Vineyard

Ulrich joined the Company in January 2013 as Farm Manager of our Mareeba Property. He comes from a Table Grape background in South Africa, having owned and managed properties in the Hex River Valley prior to immigrating to Australia. Having several years of experience as a manager at a large Sunraysia Property, Ulrich is dedicated to take the Mareeba Property to its maximum potential, by improving on key aspects of the unique Mareeba growth cycle.

Romeo Best Operational/QA Managers

Jim Panopoulos, Operations and Quality Assurance Manager

Jim joined the Company in 2010 and has developed extremely sound knowledge and expertise in Operations and Quality Assurance, ensuring that only the best quality fruit leaves our DC.