Welcome to Romeo's Best Table Grapes

Romeo’s Best is a family owned and operated business located at Robinvale, in Northern Victoria in the heart of Australia’s grape industry.

Brothers Tony and Lindsay formed the company in 1980 with approximately 16 hectares at Robinvale. Today, the business farms over 1,200 hectares (2500+ acres) in four specific regions spread throughout the East coast of Australia. With properties at Mareeba, Emerald, St. George and Robinvale. Romeo’s Best is Australia’s largest privately owned Table Grape producer with the longest supply period of any Australian producer. Our company achieved WQF & SQF2000 Quality Accreditation in 1998 and all growing and packing procedures at all sites are conducted in strict accordance with WQF & SQF2000 and HACCP quality standards.

Grape Varieties

Menindee Seedless

Light green to yellow oval-shaped grape with deliciously sweet, firm flesh and no seeds. Available from November to February.

Crimson Seedless

Light red, oval-shaped grape with a thick skin, firm crisp flesh and a sweet neutral juicy flavour. Available from February to May.

Thompson Seedless

Small to medium yellow-green oblong shaped grape with a soft berry skin, firm juicy pulp, and a sweet flavour. Available from January to May.